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Probate Litigation

Experienced Attorneys Representing Clients in Probate, Administration, and Trust Litigation and Other Matters in Surrogate’s Court

The death of a loved one is always a painful occurrence.  That pain often is compounded by disputes among heirs and beneficiaries. If you suspect that a purported will or its execution does not reflect the wishes of the decedent, you may have a right to challenge the proceedings in the Surrogate’s Court.  The Law Office of Alfreida B. Kenny represents parties in disputes involving estates and is ready to assist you in probate controversies arising from:

  • Lack of capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

There are many facets to probating a will and administering an estate.  Let the Law Office of Alfreida B. Kenny assist you.

Preventing economic exploitation of the elderly and demanding accountability

The individual chosen to be the personal representative of the estate or to act under a power of attorney has a fiduciary duty to dispatch his/her obligations professionally and in accordance with the wishes of the testator or the principal of the power of attorney.  Any fraud, negligence, or theft can be challenged in an appropriate proceeding.  The Law Office of Alfreida B. Kenny has experience in challenging fiduciaries and others who have committed malfeasance or misfeasance and can assist you with ensuring that the fiduciary of the estate properly accounts for estate assets.

Competent legal representation is critical to your success.

Many beneficiaries hesitate to hire an attorney because they believe that they can handle matters in the Surrogate’s Court without the assistance of an attorney.  However, choosing to handle matters without legal counsel often results in delays or disastrous outcomes.  An experienced attorney allows the proceedings to move forward efficiently.

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